Information Exhibition 13-14 April 2022

A varied stage programme with lectures rounds off the experience for visitors. Free entrance after registration. Food, drinks and parking are included in the free ticket.

Exhibitors can choose for all-in concept of 15m2 (3.250 Euro) or 30m2 (5.750 Euro). From 30m2 (110 Euro p/m2) own stand construction is possible.

More about the Firesafety & Security Exhibition 2022.

Firesafety & Security Exhibition 2022 floormap (not yet available).
Click on the map to enlarge it. “Optie” means option. “Verkocht” means sold.

If you like to participate to the exhibition please fill out the registration form.

Registration for visitors

Innovation Route

During the FireSafety & Security Event on 13 and 14 April 2022 it is possible for visitors to walk the Innovation Route, a tour on the exhibition floor along innovative products.
Do you have an innovative product and would you like to pay extra attention during the exhibition? Participate in the Innovation Route. 12 positions (green) are reserved for innovations on the Innovation Map

How does it work?

– you provide a photo and text of the innovation for the innovation pillar and on behalf of our media partners;
– you deliver the innovation to the standbuilder Decoriginals during construction of the Fair;
– Decoriginals places the innovation pillar, incl. your innovation .
The trade show organization is not liable for ant loss, theft and/or damage of your property.

What does it cost?

– with 1 innovation pillar: € 750 ex VAT per pillar
– with 2 innovation pillars: € 650 ex VAT per pillar
– with 3 innovation pillars: € 550 ex VAT per pillar.

What do you get for this?

An innovation pillar consisting of:
– a base of 50 x 50 x 150 cm, incl. a glass dome
– incl. your company logo
– incl. lights, labour and cables

A glass dome is placed over it loosely, so with larger products it can be left off. However, the product itself must be stable enough to remain on the base (50x50cm). The base is a rental, so it is not allowed to adjust by drill or screws!

Exhibitors who want to be a part of the Innovation Route are requested to express their interest by mail beurs@stichtingvbi.nl.

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