Event committee

In order to steer the organization of the Firesafety & Security Event in the right direction, a committee has been established. This committee consists of a representative representation of the technical security sector.

Composition of the Event Committee FireSafety & Security Event 2024

Association Federatie Veilig Nederland
Security Roel Maassen (Alarm Meldnet)
Security Hub Maas (GPS Perimeter)
Security JeanPaul Vos (EAL)
Firesafety Eelko Stembord (Siemens)
Firesafety Vacant position
Firesafety Vacant position
VEB Jan Kuipers / Mieke Noordanus
Techniek Nederland Hélène Minderman / Marc Niele
Federatie Veilig Nederland Erwin Schoemaker / Diana van Papendrecht (PR/PA)
Advisor to the Event committee Vincent Vreeken